Reliability | Fleksihus


In Fleksihus we fully understand that each and every home has to create a feeling of security and safety for the ones who live in it. This is why we never underestimate the importance of reliability of our modular house units. Our engineering team continuously works on various aspects of Fleksihus units to make them safe, durable and reliable living.

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Modular housing solutions designed and produced by Fleksihus are made with use of high quality materials in 100% compliance with European market standards and CE marking requirements


Fleksihus housing units are environmentally friendly and highly resistant to a wide range of different weather conditions: from cold and snowy winters to hot and rainless summer


Fleksihus housing units are designed to limit the vibration and external noises to the levels required by Boverket Building Regulations




All modular housing units produced by Fleksihus are equipped with electronic mailboxes, keyless entry systems, interphones and burglar alarm systems


All modular housing units are equipped with tempered safety glass, triple glazed tilt and turn windows


Kitchen units produced by Fleksihus include pre-mounted equipment essentials (Induction Cooker/Oven, Carbon Filter Extract Hood, Freezer and Fridge)




Modular housing units are equipped with modern heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems that provide comfortable living environment throughout all 4 seasons


The electrical system, equipment, components and materials are designed, produced and installed in accordance with specification, proven construction practice, CE requirements as well as local rules and regulations


Flexihus modular housing units are designed and developed in full compliance with European fire protection regulations. All units are equipped with modern smoke and fire detecting systems and tilt and turn windows suitable for quick evacuation in case of fire