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In Fleksihus we believe that the future housing should be as flexible as our lifestyle, that changed drastically during the last 100 years: we became more mobile, efficient and productive due to the technical progress and innovation. Modern architecture has to be adapted to the way we live: flexibility is the key to the next stage of housing evolution.

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can you buy neurontin over the counter Fleksihus provides ready-made modular housing solutions of 1 bedroom, 2 bedrooms and 3 bedroom units, that are equipped with all modern utilities systems (water, electricity, HVAC and separate laundry units)

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All housing modules have standard size and weight, which makes them an easy-transportable, mountable and flexible in combination with each other



Fleksihus modular housing units are flexible not only in terms of construction technology and combination, but also they provide many possibilities for interior and exterior design options