Eco-friendliness | Fleksihus


Modern housing has to be in harmony with the environment – this is one of the pre-requisitions of the modern architecture. In Fleksihus we take ecological friendliness seriously: it is more than just another PR tool, it is the way we think and act while designing and implementing our development projects. Building “green” living is the responsibility through which we contribute to a cleaner, healthier and more sustainable planet for future generations.' '  

Air-conditioning system installed in modules is fully automatic and has a low power consumption and reduced noise levels

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Modular housing units made by Fleksihus provide good quality air and water, as well as light, moisture, temperature and sanitary conditions that ensure human health is not affected in any way

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Fleksihus is committed to ecology and uses solar energy accumulation systems to generate electricity and water heating in the modular housing units



Fleksihus is committed to ecologically responsible construction philosophy and tends to use recycled materials in its housing modules


Fleksihus is not using any asbestos containing building materials. Suppliers shall submit Asbestos Free Compliance Certificate for all the materials used


Fleksihus equips its housing units with advanced heating system with adjustment option on each heating radiator individually, that allows to manually regulate the power consumption